segun sowunmitinubu 2

MR. Segun Sowunmi, the spokesperson and director of media and publicity, Atiku Campaign Organization has replied The national leader of the All Progressive Congress, BOLA TINUBU that “YOUR ARROGANCE WILL FALL OUT OF YOUR EYES AFTER 2019 ELECTIONS”.

This was said on Thursday  during the opening and launch of the Atiku\Obi 2019 youth Mandate Media center. Mr Sowunmi reminds Tinubu that pride goes before a fall and God’s will shall prevail come 2019.

Mr Sowunmi respond that its only a man with questionable pedigree whose certificate are dug with a lot of confusion and parental background is pretty much unknown, state of origin is opaque and unclear that can refer and understand how life is in a jungle.

Mr Sowunmi also makes it clear to that nobody is going to allow THEM (APC) to run a chaotic and corrupt elections, Nigerians should know the kind of activities Bola Tinubu as engaged in even  in Lagos, i don’t know what is making him feel confident, Bola can himself but Nigerians cannot be easily deceived by his antics.

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