Bribery Scandal: Governor Umar Ganduje Fails To Appear Before Panel Of Inquiry


Kano state governor, Umar Ganduje, this morning, failed to appear before the state house of Assembly’s panel of inquiry investigating the bribery scandal he is currently involved in.
Journalist Jaafar Jaafar recently released video evidence of the Kano state governor allegedly receiving bribe from state contractors. After the videos were released online, the state House of Assembly immediately set up a panel of inquiry to investigate the allegation.
Last week, Jaafar appeared before the panel and insisted that the videos were authentic and that he has more copies of the video where the governor was secretly filmed collecting bribe in dollars from some of the contractors employed by the state.
Bribery scandal: Kano governor, Umar Ganduje fails to appear before panel of inquiry, says allegation is the work of saboteurs
Today, Governor Ganduje was expected to appear before the panel to defend himself. He however sent in the state’s Commissioner of Information, Mohammed Garba,who presented a letter to the Speaker of the House. In the letter, Governor Ganduje alleged that the bribe scandal is the handiwork of saboteurs.
“I never collected bribe, but I am not surprised that I am being sabotaged in the same way attempts were made to sabotage Emir Sanusi and former Governor Shekarau”
Governor Ganduje said in his letter

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