Sentete President, Bukola Saraki has appealed to both the Fedaral Government, Nigeria Labour Congress NLC and Trade Union Congrss TUC, to work together, in order to avert the Proposed Workers strike, in the interest of Nigeria.

Saraki, in a statement by his Special Adviser, Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaiyonu, urged the two side to demonstrate sensitivity and concern for the Plight of ordinary Nigerian, who are already battling with the harsh economic conditions in the country.

He expressed appreciation for the patience displayed by the Labour Leaders, as he noted that the issue of the new minimum wage could have been resolved, long before now.

“My Appeal is for the two sides to immediately move fast, shift from their extreme positions, and create a new middle ground in the negotiations for the new minimum wage. The Shift in positions can be done even before the period of the commencement of the proposed strike action, so that we do not further create tension within the economy.

“At this point, the interest of the people should be paramount in our minds. Any Labour strike will cause inconvenience and discomfort to our people. While the government and labour are representing the interests of the people, it is important to also ensure we avoid any action that will not show sensitivity to the plight of the people “, Saraki stated with deep concern.

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