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  1. On the 17/01/2017 Buhari collapsed in Aso rock
  2. On 18/01/2017 he was flown to UK
  3. He went through brain surgery and came out brain dead in coma
  4. He was left in Oxygen for a week and the Oxygen was switched off on 27/01/2017
  5. On 28/01/2017 he was flown to Saudi Arabia and buried.
  6. The wife (Aisha Buhari) was captured at the Airport and when she was asked where she was coming from, she said she travelled to Saudi for Lesser Hajj. She was returning to Nigeria and not Uk where her presumed Husband was.
  7. Immediately 4 men were fetched from Sudan to be paid $250m to impersonate Buhari
  8. They got one and for nearly 4 months Doctors were working on him. Till they got very close to his resemblance
  9. They couldn’t fix the ears
  10. They couldn’t change his fingerprint and that why he couldn’t access his office in Aso-Rock but they lied that Rodents took over his office. The doors were changed with the new man’s finger prints.
  11. The log of Aircraft and movements is there as evidence….
  12. Africa Leaders observe a minute silence for him during their conference.
  13. Today, three (3) governors are threatening to speak if APC dares them.

Ask Okorowusa what he intends to say that would make Nigerians burn down Aso-rock?

Ask Amosun of Ogun State, what he wants to say that will shake Nigeria if APC pushes him again.


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