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Its saddening when some people that are eating directly from the pot of the president comes out and says “Nigeria is working” or “let him finish the work he has started”.

I can bet that 90% of people that use that statement, are directly or indirectly benefitting from him. Breaking news “that percentage is just 10% of Nigeria”.

You said who will bring change to Nigeria, we all followed and believed you, but the change we expected was not what we saw,

What we saw was the change that opened doors to suicide rate increase in Nigeria.

What we saw was the change that raised the level of unemployment… a lot of people were retrenched.

What we saw was the increase in young girls selling their body to make a living “Aminu kano street used to be Friday night but now its daily”.

What we saw was backwardness in the way of living, Nigeria became a hard place to live in, 3 square meal became a thing of the past.

Did I forget to say, that even those that didn’t get sacked from work, they got their salary slashed and where offered the door if they dare to complain. “I can’t blame the employers how would they pay the employees if they kept them”

All we see is political power tussle between you all.

Where are all the funds recovered by the whistle blowers, with all the money we have recovered during these past years, should we not be out of recession?

When you said we should all go back to farm, what type of farming did you plan for us? currently we farm to feed ourselves only.

Suddenly quarter to end of this tenure, we see 10,000 naira flying in the air, ‘LOAN’ for petty traders… in every market across the country, what happened to that money two (2) years ago when it became difficult for one to cook in front of his house and find the pot and food same.

Oh sorry, the new schemes coming out now “trademoni and co” are part of campaign strategy, oh you think Nigerians are gullible right. Once we receive N10,000, we would forget the pain of three years and vote you back again. This time around Nigerians will eat grasses.

What did you do with the 1st three (3) years?

Who is our current president?

APC, PDP… and the rest, who really as good plan for us.

Let all presidential aspirant state their plans without talking trash about any other person, focus on yourself and let have your plan.





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