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At an exclusive interview with the senatorial candidate of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the F.C.T, Arch Bishop Leonard Bature Kawas in a meeting organized by the party to discuss matters arising.

The Arch Bishop prof. Leonard Bature Kawas introduced himself as a professor of theology and I am the candidate for F.C.T Senate for the Freedom and Justice party (FJP).

He explained why he wants to earn the senatorial seat “I want to be a lawmaker for Godly representation, good governance for the people because for now, there is no any form of development coming to the F.C.T. The government is there but it is still very far from the people. we want to bring government closer to the people through sponsoring bills like the “Abuja mayor” bill and the “mayoral council bill” to decongest the center and put the mayoral council in Gwagwalada to attend to peoples needs”.

He further explained that the Federal government is her building roads, bridges and all sought of things but the federal government does not have time to fight the hunger that people are facing, so if there is an office of the mayor, it can be closer to the people and then ensure that there are palliatives around to alleviate the suffering of the people.

I believe that government is of the people, for the people and by the people, so we should not give priority to bridges and roads and leave the people to be suffering. That’s why I want the seat of a senator.

He explained that apart from the mayor bill, he also has more plans for Abuja, “I have friends in China, America, Germany and everywhere who want to transform Abuja. When you go to China, every village is known for producing something and in Abuja, all we know is that there are plenty lands with nothing there. we want to bring in those our foreign friends to help us invest in the development of every area council”.

The plan to decongest the center and move to area council development so that Abaji will be known for something, Kwali, Bwari and area council will be known for producing something.

Abuja will get introduced to large scale agricultural farming with corresponding technology establishing factories that would help bring about massive employment in the F.C.T.

I have the connectios, I have travelled to 71 countries, I can do it. All I lack now is the political power. As a Senator, I can have the power to bring in those connections to become useful in the F. C.T.

Before I started this race, people have always known me for my scholarship schemes, we have been doing free medical treatments and we still do it. You know, it baffles me that the less privileged can not understand that there’s anything called government because they cannot feel it.

They only feel it when people like us, NGO’s come into the picture. Right now, I have 41 volunteer nurses and doctors who are working with me for free medical projects and at this last quarter of the year, we have done one in Kubwa and we are getting set to take it to the whole of F.C.T. I believe that as a senator, I would have increased capacity to be a blessing to majority of the people in the F.C.T.

The Bishop sees is party as popular although, it is still a young party registered on the 14th December 2017. It is a very strong party in the F.C.T and as I’m concerned, APC and PDP are a liability to the people bearing those names. They have been in power for donkey years and yet, people are not feeling the impact. APC came out and we thought they’ll make the difference but unfortunately, they have failed us.

FJP is a breath of fresh air to F.C.T politics that’s why it is called Freedom and Justice Party. Thank you and God Bless you.




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