polish mayor Adamowicz.jpg

The mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk has been seriously injured after being stabbed on stage at the country’s biggest charity event, officials say.

Pawel Adamowicz, 53, was taken to hospital, where he is in a critical condition after five hours of surgery.

The 27-year-old suspect, who has a criminal record, has been detained.


He shouted that he had been wrongfully imprisoned under the previous government of the party which had supported Mr Adamowicz’s re-election.

Mr Adamowicz suffered very serious abdominal injuries during the attack, said Dr Tomasz Stefaniak, director of health at the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk, early on Monday.

During a five-hour operation, the mayor was given 41 units of blood.

“He remains in a very, very serious condition, ” said Dr Stefaniak. “The coming hours will be decisive.”

treatment hospital.jpg

Polish media initially reported the suspect had access to the stage using a media badge but this has not been officially confirmed.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said he was informed that “doctors succeeded in reanimating the heart of the seriously injured mayor”.

“There is hope but his condition is very difficult” he said on Twitter, calling on people to pray for Mr Adamowicz.


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