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A US citizen of Bangladeshi descent has been arrested during a visit to his native country for allegedly committing “war crimes” during the war of independence from Pakistan in 1971 – a year when his family say he was only 13.

Mohamed Jubair Monir, a New York based businessman, was arrested in a village on 19 December – four weeks after he landed in Bangladesh.

His family in the US say he has not yet even been allowed to make a phone call home.

Mr Monir will be tried by the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) – a court set up by the Bangladeshi government in 2010 to prosecute those accused of committing war crimes in 1971.

Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan after a war in which hundreds of thousands were killed and more than 10 million fled their homes. The Bangladeshi government says that three million people were killed but that figure is contested.

Pakistani forces were also assisted by local collaborators, and many have been sentenced to death in recent years by the ICT on charges of violent crimes during the nine-month war.


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