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As the Chinese zodiac turns into the Year of the Pig next week, Chinese soothsayers known as feng shui masters are predicting turbulence and division for world leaders at home — not least President Donald Trump, who risks having past secrets revealed.

One of them predicted a boy for Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who is now pregnant.

Sitting behind a large wooden desk stacked with books and divination charts, Taiwanese fortune-teller Tsai Shang-chi explained that the pig can be a particularly bad year for those born in the year of the dog — which includes America’s divisive president.

“All bad things done by people who were born in the dog years could be exposed and made public,” he told AFP. “There is a chance he might be impeached.”

Hong Kong feng shui master Thierry Chow concurred.

“For Donald Trump, I foresee there would be quite a lot of energy focusing on getting himself out of trouble,” she explained. “There will be a lot of issues that will surface that won’t be very good for his career.”

But Alion Yeo, another Hong Kong-based feng shui master, said Trump’s opponents will need to time their moves carefully.

“The only chance to successfully impeach Trump is between December 6 and January 6, 2020,” he proclaimed.

Feng shui — literally meaning “wind-water” — is influential in many parts of Asia, where people adjust their lives and carefully position items such as a cup of water or pieces of crystal in offices and homes to maximise their luck and wealth.



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