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MUHAMMADU BUHARI (APC)Embattled and determined leader


ATIKU ABUBAKAR (PDP)Tycoon and veteran power-broker


·         Born in 1942 to a Muslim family in northern Katsina state


·         Born in 1946 in northern state of Adamawa


·         Former soldier, led military regime in 1980s, remembered for strictness


·         Co-owner of multinational oil services company that started life in a Lagos shipping container


·         Tardy civil servants had to perform frog jumps in public


·         Oversaw privatisations during two terms as vice-president.


·         Won 2015 presidential election, the first opposition candidate to defeat an incumbent, with promise to beat corruption and Boko Haram insurgents


·         Fought against corruption charges, describing them as politically motivated


·         Told wife she belonged in kitchen after she complained in a BBC interview about his government


·         Founded American University which gave scholarships to some of the “Chibok girls” that survived Boko Haram kidnapping


·         After long absence from illness, had to deny rumours that he had been replaced in public by a lookalike


·         His father, a devout Muslim, was briefly jailed for trying to stop him from attending a Western-style school





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