Nollywood actress Lola Alao has every reason to be grateful this season because after a very long judicial battle, she has finally won the custody case over the two kids of her late friend and colleague, Aisha Abimbola. At the moment, she is fully authorized to be their guardian.

It should be recalled, Aisha Abimbola died on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, after battling with cancer. She was laid to rest on on Thursday, May 17, 2018. After this, a battle as to who would claim custody of her two kids named Keji and Lase erupted. As at now, actress Lola Alao has won custody of the children. The lady who lives in Canada took to Instagram to share the good news of her triumphant victory. Lola and Aisha’s two kids are viewed in a joyous mood. While taking them to school, Lola took to extending gratitude to everyone who stood by her all through the time of the court battles. She advised Nigerian parents to always maintain a good relationship with their children even if their relationship with their spouses have been affected.

She made this statement in reference to the way Aisha Abimbola’s relationship with her husband had panned out. Although he had not been so cordial with the kids during the lifetime of the mother, late Aisha’s estranged husband, Victor Ibrahim, was extremely keen on having the custody of their two kids. However, Lola Alao had been the one taking care of the children since her friend died. Even more, Aisha Abimbola, during her lifetime, gave custody of the kids to Lola Alao. Months after her death, the Canadian authority had invited family members through a letter directly addressed to the father of the kids who is in Nigeria.

The letter had asked Victor to give his approval to Aisha’s last wish and endorse Lola Alao as the guardian of the children. However, the father of the two kids refused to give consent despite the fact that he did not have a solid relationship with them.

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