The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, says the police have arrested two persons and declared two wanted in connection with the violence that marred some polling units in the Okota area of Lagos State during the presidential election.

He made this known on Friday while appearing on The Verdict, Channels Television’s special broadcast on the election’s coverage.

“The incident that happened at Ago-Okota is currently under investigation. Until that investigation is concluded conclusively, I may not be able to speak much on it.

“I can also tell you that there are two persons that are in our custody. And there are some other persons who are also currently on our wanted list in relation to what transpired at Ago-Okota,” he stated.

The Okota violence which occurred on February 23 disrupted the voting process as electoral materials were destroyed while voters scampered for safety.

In the videos that trended on the social media, a policeman was seen rather helpless as hoodlums had a field day with the ballot boxes at a polling unit in Ago Place way.

But reacting to the role of the police officer, Mba called on Nigerians to see the positive side of the development.

In doing that, he urged the masses to applaud what he described as the professionalism of the said policeman.

“Of the policeman that you saw resisting the attempts by the hoodlums to disrupt the electoral process, I think there are positives out of it and we should be focusing on those positives rather than look at things from the negative perspectives.

“You could see that police officer standing his ground. And I think such police officers should be singled out and described as heroes of democracy rather than us always looking at negatives. We should look at the positives. We should applaud that police officer,” he stated.


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