The Federal Government says it will engage the Saudi Arabian authorities over the killing of Nigerians allegedly involved in drug offences in their country.

“The news of the execution of a Nigerian in Saudi Arabia for drug-related offences is pathetic, tragic and sad.

“We have about 24 on death roll for drugs in Saudi and we have about 12 that have been sentenced to various jail terms”.

Chairman, National Diaspora commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, disclosed this to journalists in Abuja on Tuesday.

She explained that there are cases of syndicates who work with airlines to put these drugs in the bags of unsuspected pilgrims.

“We’ve had cases where truly the suspects didn’t commit the offence”.

She noted that the recent killing of a Nigerian brings the number to a total of eight by the Saudi government in recent years.

She expressed concern by the nature of the trials wondering if they were fair, putting the number of Nigerians on trial for similar offences at 20.

“So, we have appealed to Saudi to make the trials fair, open and ensure justice is done, even if you are going to die, you know that you died for an offence you committed.

“We also appeal to Nigerians going to Saudi Arabia to obey the laws of the land, even Kolanut is treated as a drug, we will continue to appeal that the Saudi government be lenient”

Mrs Dabiri-Erewa further condemned the action of some Nigerians alleged to have raided a Bureau the Change in Dubai and caught on camera.


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