The Director of Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria (KCCN), Mr Lee Jin Su says the annual Korea-Nigeria Drawing Competition is to further enhance relations between the two countries.

The KCCN director said that the 2019 edition of the competition is the ninth in a row.

“150 pupils from 35 primary schools (30 public and five Private) within the Federal Capital Territory are participating in the competition.

“The essence is to further boost relation between Nigeria and Korea especially among the youths. We want the children to grow up with an understanding that Nigeria and Korea are good friends.

“After the competition, we will collect their drawings and invite judges to come, observe and select the winners; on May 21, we will unveil the winners,’’ Su said.


Similarly, Mrs Irene Okafor, the Coordinator of the competition and Head of Culture and Creative Arts, FCT Universal Basic Education Commission said the participants (pupils) were from the grassroots.

“We are going into grassroots to bring them up to have the ability and the drawing skills. KCCN have started it many years ago.

“They have been doing it every year for the pupils and the children are improving and it also enhance relationship; you can see that the pupils are interacting with each other.

“Before today, we had a day workshop organised by KCCN for the teachers; we got an artist that trained the teachers on the topic `Freedom’. This was based on Koreans’ struggle towards Independence over 100 years ago.

“So, they had to go to the classrooms to teach the pupils how to draw any article with the concept of freedom; so, the pupils are expected to draw anything that relate to freedom,’’ Okafor said.

The pupils were given drawing materials to showcase their talents.


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