A baby girl stolen from the Plateau State Specialist hospital has been found and reunited with her parents, fourteen days after she was taken.

The reunion took place at the Plateau State Police Headquarters, witnessed by police detectives alongside nurses from the hospital, representatives of Legal Aid Council and family members.

Thereafter, the once-again joyful parents proceeded to the specialist hospital where the baby was to undergo a check-up.

May 28, 2019, had been a day of joy for Mary Chukwuebuka, a resident of Zaramaganda in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State as she and her husband, Nwagod, welcomed a baby girl.

Three days later, on May 31, while she was still under medical observation in the maternity ward, things took a heart-breaking twist when a woman she thought was a doctor approached her for the babys inoculation.


Without giving the request much thought, Mary handed her baby over to the woman. She would not see the baby again for more than a week.

When the reality of what had happened dawned on her and the management of the hospital, she and her husband turned to the police and the Legal Aid Council for help. They had to wait for more than a week of investigation before they received the news they had prayed for.

According to a statement, by the Public Relations Officer of the Plateau State Police Command, Tyopev Matthias, the investigation led to the arrest of a suspect, who claimed to have given birth in the custody of kidnappers on the same day Marys baby was stolen.

The police say their investigation showed that she was not the mother of the child she claimed was hers.

With the baby reunited with her parents, the police say they will now go after the syndicate they believe is behind the criminal act.


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