Actress and new mum, Toyin Abraham has now revealed how she had her son through a traditional herbal remedy after battling fertility issues.

After it worked for her like magic, the actress revealed that she has now gone into the herbal business fully to help other women with fertility issues have kids.

The actress revealed that the traditional herbal product would sell for N65 thousand.


She wrote:

This here is the story of my journey to motherhood. My life long desire has always been to become a mother and so far i can say that the experience has been humbling and amazing at the same time.

Many women who just like me have the desire of becoming mothers have experienced issues with conception and in my research i have come to understand that the number is more alarming than you can imagine.

The other conventional methods of conceiving are very expensive and only a few can actually afford it. When i was first introduced to traditional remedies, i was the biggest skeptic, but after seeing the proofs in other women, i had no choice but to believe, and I am glad I did.

The effectiveness of the traditional herbal remedies of our fore fathers must be preserved. Working with experienced traditional herbalist who source for our herbs and have advised on the use, I bring to you a solution to the headache of many-

The @ToyinsHerbal Female Fertility Booster! It improves your sexual health, Improves fertility, corrects hormonal imbalance, stops symptoms of early menopause, supports and stabilises pregnancy, and sets your body up to becoming a mother. if it worked for me, it will work for you.

Visit our website to get started. You can also Call/Whatsapp +2348187132432, +2348187132411, +2348187132439 Follow @Toyinsherbal Let us help you start your journey.

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