The Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad usually referred to as SARS on Tuesday violently attacked the Youth Advancement Initiative’s (YAI) National president, Major Prophet Ade Mario Emmanuel.

This displeasing and hideous incidence occurred at about 9:34pm on Tuesday 26th November, 2019 along shop rite road, Akure, Ondo State.

It happened that four SARS officers were caught harassing a student of the School of Health Technology Akure, When Comr. Ademario sighted the SARS maltreating the student, he immediately stopped to intervene. On getting there, he asked the SARS what the student did to warrant such beating being meted out to him by the road side, the SARS were unable to relay genuine reasons, Ade Mario then advised that even if the student had violated any laws, he should have been taken to the nearest police station for proper interrogation and investigation, he added that they (SARS) are to be in charge of robbery matter and not civil matter.

The SARS then freed the student, but his student’s ID card has been taken by the SARS, Ade Mario then went to the officer who had the ID card to release it, which he did and the student left to inform the students Union of his school of what happened.

Unknowingly to Major Prophet Ade Mario Emmanuel, the YAI National President, the SARS had planned to molest him, before he could leave the scene those SARS moved closer to him and they started beating him mercilessly. Thanks to some okada riders who rescued him from these uncivilised SARS officers, if not, who knows what could have happened.


Ade Mario quickly put calls through to YAI chairman Ondo State and southwest coordinator to come to his aid. Also at the scene were the JCC Chairman Ondo State, SUG President School of Health Technology Akure, Ondo State Youth Network President,
Eckwa Youth President.

Former NANS Presidents, President Akoko Youth. They then took the matter to the CID and office of the Ondo State commissioner of Police. The commissioner addressed the students and youths leaders and promise to look into the matter. As at this morning, two of the SARS officers had been arrested.

If this could be happened to the leader of a renowned youth organisation in the country, let us imagine what would have happened to other masses. We therefore call on the Inspector General of Police to look into this as a matter of urgency and drastic actions should be taken on the black sheep among the police force in Nigeria. Furthermore, we want justice to prevail in this matter and the police officers involved should be made to face the wrath of the law for harming, harassing, tormenting and molesting those they are supposed to safeguard and protect from any form of harassment. This will server as a deterrent to others.

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