The Housemates said goodbye to Ozo and Trikytee tonight which was very emotional for some Housemates and Nengi broke down in tears as Ozo made his way out.

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A word from the House

Nengi said the week had been up and down due to her and her ‘closest person in the House’ experiencing differences as they got to know each other better. Neo said the reason he told Ozo to free Nengi a little bit was so that she could have room to miss him. Vee told Ebuka that everyone had their chance to nominate Housemates in their groups and it was not necessarily about winning people over- though, she was shocked that she won her team over. Dorathy was very nervous and told Ebuka that she felt like it was such a coincidence that the couple was safe, saying she felt played. Ozo was not disappointed that the rest of his team did not agree with his nomination choices.

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In his interview Tricktee told Ebuka that the Housemates kept saving him because he was himself, saying that it was not deliberate that he was close to certain people in the House. He did admit to having a soft spot for Wathoni and Dorathy. Trikytee plans to stay on his journey as a filmmaker and to make more music in the near future.

Ozo explained that he got close to Nengi around the time of his birthday when they resolved their differences. He was very passionate about his plans for the future telling Ebuka that he was going to pursue sports development. He felt that through sports development more jobs would be created. Before he left, Ozo extended the Vote of thanks he wanted to give as his winning speech, thanking his dad, mom, sisters and the organizers for all their support.

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