“It is not turn by turn; it is about democracy. It is about the choice of the people,” Jegede who is from Ondo Central zone, explained.

The PDP flag bearer who went down memory explained that zoning has never been a deciding factor in who occupies the Government House in Akure, calling on Ondo residents to squash talks about the zoning of the seat.

“So, at every point in time we have always had somebody come in from each Senatorial zone,” he added. “The governor’s constituency is the entire state; 18 local governments that we have in the State.”

According to him, what the people want is qualitative leadership, claiming that those who talk about zoning the governorship position are weak and not popular.

File photo of Eyitayo Jegede.

“The market woman who is there is not talking about where you come from. She is talking about who is going to perform; who is going to take away her challenges and problems,” Jegede said.

“So when you hide under the umbrella that you are from a particular zone, it shows your weakness.

“It is only a person who is weak and who is not acceptable that will take refuge in ethnic considerations.

“I don’t take refuge in ethnic considerations; I don’t take refuge in zonal considerations. I take refuge in democracy. I want our people to make a choice.”

Despite complaints of dwindling revenue in Ondo State due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jegede promised to reduce the tuition fees of state-owned tertiary institutions.

“You will always have funds to run this. It depends on your manifesto. It depends on your preference,” he insisted, adding that the likes of late Obafemi Awolowo had done it in the past.

“COVID will come, COVID will go. We are not going to be here forever. And people are already moving,” the legal practitioner and two-time Chairman, Adamawa chapter, Nigerian Bar Association, stated.

“And I tell you, It is not a question of COVID or a question of dwindling revenue. It is a question of choice. Revenue will never be enough. It will continue to dwindle. Sometimes, it will increase. You take your chance.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m interested in having our people educated.”

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