He noted that these groups of collations do not mean well for Nigerians but rather for themselves.

He challenged the youths for not coming out to speak but instead support the situation by hiding under religion, ethnicity, or money.

“Now the challenge is that the Nigerian public, the Nigerian young people that should fight against this capture of state power, have turned around, hiding under ethnicity, religion, or money. We are in a difficult situation”.

He asked Nigerian youths to wake up and take the power that belongs to them.

Mr Chidoka further noted the nation is suffering from three major crises, including insecurity led by Boko Haram which “we have been at war for 11 years and it has consumed our natural resources and people.

The second point is oil which he stated is going out of fashion, stressing that “our critical source of revenue which is oil is becoming something that over the next few years will no more bring in the kind of wealth we have seen in the past.”

The third point, according to the former minister, is the tension that Nigerians are facing in “social ethnic problems in the southeast, the ODUA now in the southwest, Boko Haram in the northeast, farmer/herders crisis in the northcentral, there is now a new impetus for new leadership to emerge”.

He added that if Nigeria has to survive in the next 60 years, “It has to take a proper decision in 2020 to determine how to build a nation where no man is impressed”.

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