Falana, who spoke on Arise TV said “The president was likely to be told that the soldiers were not there, that was why it was not addressed.”

He said a panel set up had identified the barracks the soldiers came from and that they were actually at the Lekki toll gate to shoot at protesters.

Falana added that the international community and all friends of Nigerians did not jump to hasty conclusions that soldiers shot at protesters at Lekki toll gate.

He said the facts were emerging now “that indeed, soldiers went to Lekki, they fired at protesters and at least two have officially been acknowledged to have died from gunshots injuries, so by yesterday night, the presidency issued a statement that why the presidency did not address it in his broadcast was because the Lagos State Government was going to investigate the matter and the Federal Government would cooperate.

“This is not the first time, soldiers in Nigeria have no business to get involved in elections.”

According to him, “the Nigerian government has no respect for the rule of law and has ensured they stave off all forms of protests in the country. Every designated venue for protest in the country have been fenced by the government to prevent demonstrations.

“In Lagos, the Gani Fawehinmin Square has been fenced while the Unity Fountain in Abuja has also been fenced, and the same government has said citizens have the right to protest.”

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