The dissatisfied community sent a long petition to Lawan, seeking for the Senate to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of Malachi, who was said to have been arrested by the Mozambiquan military over a trumped up charge of sponsoring terrorism.

In the petition dated October 16, 2020 and sent through their lawyer, Barr Mike Onyekachi Esq, the community disclosed that Mr Theodore Chukwudi Malachi was whisked away on the 18th of March 2020, by Mozambique armed military men and has never been seen since then.

According to the petition, which was copied to Nigeria Diaspora Commission, Mr. Theodore Chukwudi Malachi, who was whisked away in the company of Mr. Paul Obasi, another Nigerian from same community, was never allowed anybody to have access to him except his wife on few occasion through the telephone.

Mr Paul Obasi who was released after three weeks, said they were seized, blind folded, tied with rope and detained at Cabo, Delgado Province after which he could not tell about Theodore Chukwudi Malachi’s whereabouts.

“Our clients are suspecting foul play amongst the military men. Obviously, they are holding Mr. Theodore Chumwudi Malachi in place of one Amiss Hassan, probable sponsor of terrorism”, the petition stated, adding that while the man was being detained, a military officer called the wife and told her that she will receive a call from another top military personnel.

“The call came and she was prevailed to accept that her husband is not from Nigeria but Tanzania.

“She was also pressured to accept that her husband’s name is not Theodore Chukwudi Malachi but Amiss Hassan, a condition they gave for the release of her husband.

“It was when the wife turned down all their requests that they stopped calling her,” said the petition.

The entire community led by HRH Eze Herbert Anyanwu, therefore appealed to the National Assembly, Nigeria Diaspora Commission and other relevant agencies to probe into the matter and ensure the release of the innocent Nigerian.

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