The Chairman notes that the meeting is an emergency meeting to review some of the eventful developments since their last meeting.

He condemned the spate of arson and vandalism of state offices noting that the ugly trend has become very troubling to the commission.

According to the INEC Boss, the damage to INEC materials were total and are capable of affecting the Commission’s ability to conduct elections.

He appealed to host communities to see INEC properties as a national asset.

“Even in the recent events of arson and vandalization, many of them have demonstrated exceptional willingness to support the Commission.

“I wish to thank our host communities in all parts of the country and appeal to them to continue to see INEC property as both national and local assets to be protected.

“I will take briefings from across the country on threats to INEC facilities and deliberate on how best to protect them. I believe that we can dig deep and draw from the Commission’s longstanding partnership with communities in this regard, in addition to depending on the invaluable support of our security agencies,” Yakubu said.

He added that despite the challenges posed by these threats, “we are still positive that we can find lasting solutions to the spate of attacks on our facilities.”

He also informed the Commissioners about the ongoing efforts to expand the number of polling units, noting that the Commission has also completed all preparations for the continuous voters’ registration which will commence next month.

“The Commission conducted 28 out of 32 bye-elections across the country since the 2019 General Election, in addition to four end-of tenure Governorship elections in Bayelsa, Edo, Kogi and Ondo States.

“The by-elections were held in 20 States involving six Senatorial Districts, seven Federal Constituencies, 18 State Constituencies, and one Councillorship Constituency in Abaji Ward of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

“Indeed, it is now clear that the Commission must reconcile itself with the fact that elections have become an all-year-round undertaking in Nigeria.”

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