Int’l programming school trains ICT journalists, children on coding


Logiscool, an international programming school, on Friday in Abuja, trained 48 ICT journalists in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and some of their children on coding with demonstration lessons.

Ms Jasmina Marcikic, the School Manager and Master Franchise Partner in Nigeria, said the school engaged in the training to ensure that everyone, both young and old, had better productive experiences and engagements with the digital space.

Marcikic also said it would help participants leverage on it to solve problems and would benefit the country because they would gather the innovative approach to education.

She added that the school was committed to facilitating digital literacy and would like to raise awareness on the topic in Nigeria with the support of selected expert journalists.

The manager explained that digital literacy meant everything, from navigating digital environments in a conscious way to becoming digital content creators of articles, posts, videos, interviews, games, apps

She said it was more than just passively using digital environments and consuming digital contents.

“What we do for journalists is that we offer a demo lesson for journalists and their children in the frame of an exclusive open day.

“They get information on the world of digital literacy and the importance of programming, leveraging the power of coding.

“Coding and digital literacy have become an essential tool today in a variety of fields, from academic research to arts, sports as well as journalism,” she said.

According to her, by teaching coding and all other areas of digital literacy, Logiscool’s mission is to enable kids to navigate diverse and future-proof career paths.

Marcikic further said that from the experience in digital education, the citizens developed their own method and platform where children could learn how to code in a game-like manner.

“Coding teaches people how to think logically, communicate easily and clearly and solve problems in creative ways.

“These skills are already essential today, but in the future where robots can perform many areas of today’s work tasks, these will be vital for success.

“Therefore, learning coding and other areas of digital literacy is important not only for kids but also for adults.”

She said that the establishment offered classroom-based and online courses, camps and other after-school programmers’ in 20 different topics related to coding, robotics and digital literacy for children aged six to 18.

The 12 photojournalists and 36 ICT journalists who participated expressed delight that the knowledge they gained, especially in programming for solution-focused applications, would make them more productive, creative, timely and in tune with the realities of digitalization.

Logiscool organizes creative courses, camps and workshops for children and teens, offers in-school and live online courses, workshops, and camps for kids and teenagers aged six years to 18 years in the topics of coding and digital literacy.

The school also trains kids and teenagers the basics and essence of programming, digital literacy and operates in five continents with over 130 schools.

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