Trump moves to temporarily stop FBI from reviewing seized documents

Lawyers for former US President Donald Trump have also asked for an itemized receipt of everything the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

Former US President Donald Trump has sought to block the FBI from reviewing the documents it seized from his Mar-a-Lago mansion two weeks ago until a neutral third-party attorney, or special master, can be appointed to oversee the process.

Lawyers for Trump filed the motion on Monday, arguing the documents were “presumptively” covered by executive privilege — a principle that permits presidents to withhold certain communications from public disclosure.

“This matter has captured the attention of the American public,” Trump’s attorneys wrote.

“Merely ‘adequate’ safeguards are not acceptable when the matter at hand involves not only the constitutional rights of [former] President Trump, but also the presumption of executive privilege.”

Calls for a list of seized items

In the same court filing, Trump’s lawyers also demanded a receipt of all the items the FBI seized at Mar-a-Lago on August 8.

They asked for all seized items, outside the stated scope of the investigation, to be returned.

Trump ‘clear front-runner’ in 2024 Republican presidential primary

“Politics cannot be allowed to impact the administration of justice,” the filing says. “[Former] President Donald J. Trump is the clear front-runner in the 2024 Republican presidential primary and in the 2024 general election, should he decide to run.”

The FBI’s search warrant listed 11 sets of classified documents that were allegedly on Trump’s property, among numerous other items. It did not specify what the documents contained, however one anonymous source previously claimed some of the documents were related to nuclear weapons.

Separately on Monday, a federal magistrate acknowledged that the necessary redactions required to unseal the affidavit that prompted the raid of Trump’s mansion could be so extensive that they would render the document “meaningless.”

One comment

  • The 3rd, 4th, and 5th סוגיות of Parshat בהר
    Parshat בהר

    This סוגיה learns from כה: כה – כח. The content of this סוגיה directly compares to the sale of a Hebrew slave sold for the crime of theft. A poor person has the Torah Constitutional right to choose to sell himself into slavery; on the condition that the buyer has no power to prevent his “redemption from slavery”, by either himself or a family member. The distinction between these two cases of עבד עברי, this 2nd type of Hebrew slave the Yovel automatically redeems.

    The 4th סוגיה, learns: כה: כט – לד. This סוגיה differentiates the Yovel relationship of freedom between a house within a fortified walled city, compared to a house located outside of fortified walled cities. The Levitical cities, regardless whether fortified or not, the Torah includes them in the category of as a house sold within a Walled city. But unlike the house of an Israel, the Levite house always redeemed in the Yoval year, it returns to the previous Levite owner.

    This 3rd case of the Levite house and its surrounding ‘yard’ property, serves as the precedent that the oath sworn lands, that Israel leases these lands from HaShem. Upon the precondition, that the generations pursue the Rule of righteous justice among our people.

    This precondition defines the k’vanna of the 1st Sinai commandment to keep the Torah לשמה. Failure to honor this precondition negates acceptance of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev — Israel descends unto the Torah curse of g’lut.

    The 5th סוגיה learns from כה: לה – לח. This סוגיה addresses the concept of making partnership loans, specifically with the poor among our people who do not want to sell themselves as slaves. The Torah rejects banking interests which make loans, which charge interest, to profit from the economic distress the poor experience. The Torah rejects a feudal economy, which establishes a ruling land-owning class and a serf peasant class. It took the French Revolution of 1789 before it began to dawn upon the crude mentalities of the European barbarians this basic fundamental truth.

    In 1848 Marx, during the height of Western European social anarchy and chaos, declared his socialist Communist Manifesto of Class warfare! The success of the Bolshevik revolution defined Class warfare for most of the 20th Century, till the fall of the USSR. 21st Century has witnessed the concentration of wealth into the hands of the Corporate monopolies. These mega-rich function as the puppet masters of Governments of the Western democracies.

    These illegal Puppet masters neferious government behind the Government, they conceal their corruption/bribery\oppression through a legal shell/Con game: Corporate lobbies incestuous relationship\domina-tion/subjugation over the Central Government bureaucracies. Stalin seized power through the stratagem of becoming “the Secretary” who controlled all Soviet bureaucracies. The success of this political corruption, not lost on the mega-rich Corporate monopolies which control the regulations which the Federal bureaucracies impose upon all Western nations.

    Let’s Learn.

    An exact precise precedent learned from the kabbalah mussar which the prophet ירמיה commands the generations of bnai brit Israel: ו: כא. The castrated Janissary corps often ruled and dominated the corpulent Ottoman Pashas addicted to their sexual avaris – their harems.Another exact precise mussar: יא: כב, כג. A Torah curse rests upon all Governments whose corruption supports the establishment of a Corporate puppet-master “government” pulling the strings of elected Officialdom.

    Another exact precise mussar kabbalah: טו: י – יד. The war criminal Bush, some have quoted him as saying: “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” The abhorrent illegal invasion of Iraq proves that the puppet master Cheney ran the White House.

    Still another exact precise kabbalah of prophetic mussar: כ: ד – ו. Corporate monopoly puppet masters who pull the strings of specific Governments, these abominations of justice, they compare to the Government alliances within the UN, who pass Resolution after Resolution which wantonly condemns Israel, guilty for all crimes against humanity.

    Still another exact precise precedent of mussar kabbalah: לא: כ,כא. Corporate domination of the spinning door Lobby/Bureaucracy incest, directly compares to the Janissary rule over the Pashas addicted to their harems. That empire took the name: “Sick Man of Europe”, before its ultimate collapse.

    Another exact precise precedent by which to learn the mussar k’vanna of the prophet: לו: א – ג. The enshrinement of Class distinctions within any society which ultimately results in social anarchy, revolution, Civil War, avoda zarah, and therefore g’lut. The Sun has set upon the British empire. The same holds true with the 1000 year Reich and the USSR. These great and mighty empires fell into decay and collapsed in just the 20th Century alone. The once mighty US, in just 75 years has transformed into the greatest debtor nation on the Earth.

    Still another exact precise precedent of mussar kabbalah: לו: יט – כו. This סוגיה reminds me of the disgraceful and arrogant behavior publicly displayed by Nancy Pelosi wherein she made a show of taring up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union Address.

    The hubris of this contempt for the elected leader of the American People, compares to the FBI permitting the Biden Administration to make a public search of the private residence of a former President, who intends to run for election in about 2 years.

    Pelosi twice attempted to impeach President Trump, based upon the accusation of his ordering the investigation of the corruption of offices of Biden’s son in Ukraine and China! Later it became apparent that the FBI concealed knowledge of Biden’s sons’ laptop, whose knowledge would have impacted the 2020 Presidential election. Like as did the investigation into Hillary’s emails changed the outcome of the 2016 election.

    More precise prophetic mussar: מג: ח – יג. The prophet curses any government, who’s replacement theology makes State and personal interests, as the new Gods worshipped by the nation. The משנה תורה of דברים instructs a strong mussar through a slightly distant precedent: ה: טז. Honoring the forefathers of a Nation. The genesis of nation does not stand upon a יסוד of absolute detestable corruption. This descent ירידות הדורות follows the 2nd Law of thermodynamics: entropy.

    An exact precise precedent: כג:ח,ט. This key Yatzir HaRah within our hearts. A tumah quality which entices both Esau and Par’o Egypt. The Par’o who enslaved Israel, the Torah refers to as a new Par’o. Another exact precise precedent: כד: יז, יח. The Torah commands the generations of Israel to remember our economic distress and poverty which drove us to descend unto Egyptian g’lut. The treacherous sale of Yosef, followed by deception and lies. This does not resemble the absolute corruption which defines the politics of Washington DC today?

    The Torah of Moshe concludes with the mussar, the blessing given to Yechuda. לג: ז. May Yechudah prevail over this Yatzir Ha’Rah as previously described.
    Herein concludes the learning of Parshat בהר and how it understands the k’vanna of the blessing:

    ברך עלינו ה’ אלהינו את השנה הזאת ואת כל מיני תבואתה לטובה, ותן (בקיץ: ברכה) (בחורף טל ומטר לברכה) על פני האדמה ושבענו מטובה, וברך שנתנו כשנים הטובות. ברוך אתה ה’ מברך השנים.


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